drilling & work-over activity

From the creation of the company yet to day we achieved more than 4417 wells for SONATRACH and its partners of major International companies, furthermore we achieved:

  • First horizontal well in Algeria HRZ-1, Hassi R’mel area, 1992.
  • First campaign of «Under Balanced Drilling » (UBD) wells, Hassi Messaoud, 2005.
  • First HP/HT wells, Berkine area, 2007.
  • Deepest vertical well in Algeria: 6304m (MLEP#01 – ENF#16).

Drilling wells on turn key mode:

  • for ALEPCO, ZELFANA area (ENF#10), 1994.
  • for MOBIL, Touggourt area (ENF#13), 1995.
  • for ANADARKO, Takouazat area (ENF#27), 1996.

Abroad, we have drilled 22 wells, from 2005 to 2011, for PDO, Oman

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deepest vertical well in Algeria


Technology & Engineering

Willing to be the best, we’ve always been leaders in Algeria in matter of innovation customer driven solutions. Our engineers, through continuous technology watch took the company at the forefront of the technology for the upgrade of our equipment and methods to the international standards.

We are the first in Algeria to introduce:

  •   BOP 10K
  •   New generation of solids separations equipment
  •  Top Drive System
  •   Rig Senses System.
  •   SCR System
  •   VFD System

QHSE Integrated Management System

We have expressed our commitment to client satisfaction and continual improvement in all our activity areas, and thus, we have developed an integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management System (abbreviated as the Integrated Management System, IMS), in conformity with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, boost customer satisfaction, improve our environmental performance and provide products & services that fully comply with the applicable regulations.


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